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PondPro 500gm

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  • Promotes Bio flocculation
  • Maintains COD And BOD levels
  • Control turbudity in pond
  • No need for water exchange during culturing cycle
  • Reduces Luminescent bacteria (improves diatoms)
  • Controls Overbloom in pond
  • Helps in clearing the muddy appearance in pond water
  • Suitable for pond preparation after harvesting
  • Restore the pond ecosystem balance
  • White muscle can be avoided by using pondpro
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It is very effective to control organic sludge in soil and water. Pond Pro can be used for pond preparation water culture, When the total organic matter is less than five percent.

  • Promotes biofloc formation.
  • Provides balance of beneficial microbes in environment an improvement in oxygen and nutrition in shrimp’s.

Apply in combination with Aqua pro helps to keep the organic matter below 3 percent and reduce bacterial pathogens.

Pond pro promotes bio floc development by increasing microbial multiplication (proliferation) in pond water from the start to keep the nitrogenous wastes down to prevent algae bloom. Thus by controlling the N: P ratio low, biofloc growth is promoted, algae bloom prevented and supplemental food for shrimp as a natural soup.

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