Aqua Pro 10Kg


Improve Pond Water Quality
Control vibrio sp
Control Pathogenic Bacteria
Increase Cell Immunity
Improves biosecurity
Support low BOD levels
Reduce luminous bacteria
Control all vibrio infections when fed with feed
Improve healthy plankton
Improve bio floc growth
Improve Shrimp health
It is the biosecurity product that must be added just 3 days prior to introducing the PL (Post larvae).

80,000.00 56,000.00


This application improves biosecurity in the PL stages, and
Eliminates the undesirable organisms for healthy/dynamic PL.
3 days of AP treatment prior to PL introduction is part of BAP(Best Aqua culture practices) to make the pond water secure by controlling bacterial pathogens particularly Vibrio sp. It supports low BOD levels and healthy plankton/ supports bio floc growth. If the product is used on a regular basis Animal health is assured if followed as per protocol.

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